Here you can find some of the smaller projects I have worked on


Kitchie Mock-ups

One of the ways I like to challenges myself is to participate in hackathons. Hackathon is a design sprint-like event; often, in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, domain experts, and others collaborate intensively on software projects.

Kitchie is a meal sharing concept that was born at a 3-day hackathon where the theme was Food. My task as a graphic designer was to create a basic visual identity for Kitchie, and mock-ups for a platform that could facilitate the meal sharing concept.

Mother's Day Mug

I often take up small projects that involve gifts and other personalised items. One of them was Mother's Day gift that I designed for my former classmate in Estonia. I love the idea that I was able to create something that brings joy to other people, even if it's a small thing like a mug, that says "Our Worlds Best Mom"


Mother's Day Design

The Design on a Mug

TalentCrush Logo

Part of my work is creating logos. I created this particular logo for Marian, a former colleague of mine, who started his own blog (medium.com/talentcrush). With this blog he wants disrupt traditional views on Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition, and hopefully provoke a dialogue which helps people become even better in the work they do.

I decided to help him out and through collaboration and continuous feedback we created a logo, cover, and header, that he was able to use to promote his blog and his passion towards the topic. Even though he lives in Germany and I live in Denmark, we were able to communicate and work together very easily.



Blog Header

LinkedIn Cover

Designing for a Small Bus

I like to take up new challenges. One of them was creating a design for my grandfather's bus when after years of being a bus driver he decided to start his own private transportation company. This was something completely new to me. There are a lot of things to consider when creating designs for a vehicle, especially the composition and physical limitation based on the "canvas" you are given (e.g. doors that open and the uneven surface of the car. My grandfather was happy with the final result and I had gained new knowledge and experience.


Planning the Design

Final Result

My First Website - Urban Spree

I created my first website during the 1st semester of my Multimedia Design and Communication studies. It was part of a study trip to Berlin where we had to create a project around a cultural institution or organisation of our choice. We chose an urban art gallery called Urban Spree.


I took the responsibility of creating the website in my team. Part of the programme was to learn the basics of programming, which is why I created the website from scratch, using HTML and CSS. The reason I decided to showcase this project is because it's something I am still very proud of and I was able to create it only 3 months after I first learned about programming and graphic design. Before that I had no idea what HTML or CSS was.

The website was never used in real life, but it is always a reminder for myself of what I am capable of when I put my mind to it.

My First Website (HTML & CSS)


Whether you are looking to create or redesign your website, need help with user experience or printed materials like flyers, posters, brochures or roll-up banners, are having trouble with representing your brand, and even if you just need help with a letterhead or Powerpoint presentation — I’m here to help.