Creating Virtual Coins

HerningCentret has a mobile application that rewards the customers with virtual coins - hCoins - that can be used to redeem various rewards and discounts. The application was create by Emplate and is used to increase the relevancy of communication for a better customer experience at the shopping centre.

Part of the application is a rewards system (e.g. when you have downloaded the application, you can earn 10 coins by entering the mall and turning on your Bluetooth). My job as a feelancer for Emplate was to create a design for these coins.



herningCentret logo.PNG

herningCentret Logo

The final design was created based on the HerningCentret logo, to make sure their virtual coins are easily distinguishable, and based on a traditional look and colour palette of a physical coin so people can easily understand and relate to what an hCoin is.


In the end of the project I also created a flyer that provides simple instruction on how the hCoin reward system works, how to get access to it and how to use it.


I'm happy to see that even smaller design work can make a big difference and is still making a difference today.


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