Everyone Can Have a Website

A website can become a powerful tool for everyone. You don't need to own a business to have a reason to create a website. Building a professional website does not have to be complicated, expensive or time consuming. It can make your job search more fruitful, become a launching pad for your own business, or just allow you to tell your story and connect with people through topics that you are passionate about.

Eva Aed (Eva's Garden in English) is a website a created for my mother. She is an accountant by day and a gardening enthusiast by night. The purpose of creating the website was to give her an online platform that would allow her to share her love of gardening with other people who share her passion. 


The website gave Eva the opportunity to share all the work she does in her own garden, showcase her garden and the plants she is selling at home, and also allow her to give advice to more and more people who are not as knowledgeable about the topic as she is. She now has the opportunity to share her passion with the world.

Part of the process for also creating a logo. She wanted was a logo with a shovel in it, so that was my starting point. Unless you speak Estonian, it might be hard to see how the logo makes sense, but you could imagine it as if I would replace the "d" in "Gardening" with the same shovel - you would instantly recognize the word. It is a simple and memorable logo that sends the right message.

Overall, the website is still a work in process, as is every website. We are working together on creating an About page and a Blog. We are looking into how to shape the story about her to make it interesting for other enthusiasts and the blog will be a place where she can share tips and tricks about gardening.

Having her own website gave Eva a lot of joy and excitement and I am happy that I was able to create something that added value to her life and gave her a reason to find more time for her true passion - gardening.


Whether you are looking to create or redesign your website, need help with user experience or printed materials like flyers, posters, brochures or roll-up banners, are having trouble with representing your brand, and even if you just need help with a letterhead or Powerpoint presentation — I’m here to help.