Web Design in Entertainment

Tlove RuffJam is a DJ & MC born in Belgium and has been working in show-business and the world of entertainment for most of his life. He had been thinking about creating his own website for a while but he didn't know where to begin. This is where I came in.


A big part of graphic design is effective and ongoing communication with your customers - it is my job to understand where the person or company is coming from and where they are headed. With my graphic design skills and background in music, arts, and dancing, I was able to more easily relate to the ideas and concepts Tlove wanted to implement into his website.

The final result was a website with a dark colour palette with lighter contrast colours, bold usage of fonts, large high quality images, videos, dynamic scrolling, grid layout and relevant content for the industry. It was a process where through trial and error we achieved a result that Tlove was proud to share with potential customers and also his network.​

Videography & Editing

Part of my job was filming and editing videos that Tlove can use to promote his services. My main goal was to create videos that represent the benefits that Tlove can bring to other businesses through his services. Tlove was very pleased with the final results. Here is one example from the collaboration between DJ Tlove RuffJam and YOGO Frozen Yoghurt store.

DJ Tlove RuffJam at YOGO


Whether you are looking to create or redesign your website, need help with user experience or printed materials like flyers, posters, brochures or roll-up banners, are having trouble with representing your brand, and even if you just need help with a letterhead or Powerpoint presentation — I’m here to help.